EBENBILD – a global brand

Behind any strong brand there is usually a large company. In our case, we can say in all modesty that the largest vinyl flooring manufacturer in the world, Taizhou HUALI, stands behind us. Just under 50 million square metres of vinyl tile products are produced by HUALI in a single year, corresponding to more than 1,000 containers each month. The products are manufactured across an area of 150,000 m² in Jiangyan city, in the province of Jiangsu, from where they are also exported to more than 30 countries across the world. HUALI is not only the biggest producer, it is also one of the most innovative, both in terms of technological development as well as creative diversity. 

ESTIVAL SAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of HUALI, is responsible for the European market. The EBENBILD brand is exclusively marketed by ESTIVAL SAS’ German representative, which is based in Munich. With a focus on the German-speaking area, a concept has been developed, which is specially tailored to the needs, desires and preferences of the people of this region. EBENBILD embodies a brand, which mirrors the philosophy of products that are made in Germany, a fact demonstrated by its phenomenal quality, its authenticity and its exclusivity.

Ebenbild Vinyl Flooring | Flooring | Quality


Long-lasting and non-toxic, for robustness and perfect interior comfort


Recreating that authentic, natural aesthetic and feel

Ebenbild Vinyl Flooring | Flooring | Authenticity
Ebenbild Vinyl Flooring | Flooring | Exclusivity


Unique design with wood and stone aesthetics, for those who like to stand out