For those who feel good is not good enough

With 10 exclusively selected patterns in a wood design, EBENBILD Premium offers a first-class product, suitable for living and commercial spaces. Customers can choose between a dry-back version that is applied using an adhesive or the absolute premium product rigid LVT, offered as a click-system model. With a wear layer of 0.55 mm and a total thickness of 4.0 mm, the model R4055 is also suitable for use in large commercial interiors. 

With a total thickness of just 2.5 mm, and a wear layer of 0.55 mm, the dry-back flooring D2555 is suitable for private and professional environments. EBENBILD Premium flooring in a wood design lends living and working spaces a particular flair, comfort and warmth. In harmony with nature – and not just visually; our Premium flooring products are non-toxic and recyclable.


Commercially suitable – heard-wearing and shock-resistant

Deceptively wooden design – the trees stay in the forest

Show off your space – for spacious interiors, offices, studios, …

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