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Long-lasting and non-toxic, for robustness and perfect interior comfort


Recreating that authentic, natural aesthetic and feel


Unique design with wood and stone aesthetic, for those who like to stand out

Design flooring from Ebenbild

“Keep your feet on the ground to reach for the stars.” EBENBILD is the new, exclusive and authentic vinyl flooring brand. A reflection of nature, and just like the ground under your feet, it gives you support and inspires an exclusive attitude to life. As a brand of the French subsidiary of HUALI, ESTIVAL SAS, EBENBILD is a product which is keenly aware of and deftly fulfils the aspirations and needs of the market and its customers.

High-quality processed and non-toxic materials make EBENBILD vinyl flooring a product which is both sustainable and in keeping with modern consumer trends. A standard and premium product line offer our discerning customers natural and authentic patterns with wood and stone aesthetics for products that are recyclable and help to conserve natural resources.